K-3 Class Size Mandate

In the Spring of 2017, the North Carolina Legislature passed an unfunded class size mandate. Staring in 2018- 2019, class sizes across the state may not exceed the following number of students:18 in Kindergarten, 16 in 1st Grade, and 17 in 2nd Grade and 3rd Grades. At the moment, 27 elementary schools in Wake County can not accommodate the mandate requirements, including AB Combs. The implications of this unfunded mandate are substantial. Specials such as art and music may be moved out of classroom spaces to accommodate K-3 classrooms. Or, specials could be taught by K-3 teachers, not specialist teachers, eliminating valuable planning time and breaks for teachers & eliminating jobs.


In response, AB Combs PTA, along with PTAs across the state, is encouraging members to challenge the current unfunded mandate to reduce classroom sizes. 


If you want your voice to be heard, here's what you can do!



Form your own educated opinion.


Need a place to start? Check here for information from the NC PTA.

Check here to read our Resolution on the Class Size Mandate. 

Check here to see the informational flyer AB Combs PTA sent home to parents.



     Flyer in English                                              Flyer in Spanish





Let the NC Education Committee know how the mandate impacts your school.


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Contact your State representative to express your thoughts.


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Not sure what to say? Here's a form letter to get you started.






Reach out to your Wake County representatives.


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